3 Options for Handling a Traffic Ticket in South Florida

By November 10, 2015Traffic Tickets

By: Miami Ticket Lawyer, Albert Quirantes


You’ve been pulled over and ticketed for a traffic violation in south Florida. Whether the traffic ticket was issued in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Key West, you still have three options to choose from when deciding what you should do.

  1. Just Take the Ticket and Pay the Fine.

You could simply pay the fine and be done with it. But you could be fooling yourself if you think that’s the cheapest or best option.

By paying the ticket, you’re admitting you did it.  You will immediately get tagged with points on your driver’s license, putting you closer to potentially having your license suspended if you accrue too many points in the next couple of years.

The traffic offense, and the fact that you admitted to it, will go on your record.  If you get another traffic offense down the road, the judge considering your case will know about this traffic ticket and can take it into account when deciding the punishment for another ticket.

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Your insurance rates could skyrocket and stay in the stratosphere for years.  A recent study by InsuranceQuotes.com shows that just one moving violation can almost double your insurance premium.

What’s your ticket for? DUI?  That can cause a 93% increase to your insurance.  Not counting all the other problems you face if you have your license suspended, lose your job, or have to explain to a potential employer down the road your DUI.

Reckless driving is almost as bad; you could get hammered with an 82% increase in your insurance rate.

Even a ticket for running a red light or a speeding ticket could drive your insurance premium up by 21% to 30%.

You might think you’re only choosing to pay a fine and get it over with.  You just might find out you’re wrong about that the next time your insurance bill shows up.

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  1. Choose Traffic School.

For some offenses, you can choose traffic school, so long as you are not a commercial driver’s license (CDL) holder.

But you may not know that your choice to go to traffic school will stay on your driving record for the rest of your life.  That means that other people can see it – including the judge we just talked about, in the event you get another traffic ticket in the future.  And so could your insurance company, which again raises the issue of possibly increased rates the next time your policy is due for renewal.

  1. Fight the ticket.

Finally, you can choose to fight the ticket.

Get an experienced traffic ticket defense lawyer to challenge your ticket.  Could that make a difference?

Absolutely, according to the chief traffic magistrate for Fort Lauderdale in this article appearing on foxbusiness.com, “Can a Lawyer Really Beat Your Traffic Ticket?

“Can [traffic lawyers] get the tickets dismissed? Yes, because they know the technicalities,” says Brenda Di Ioia, chief traffic magistrate for Broward County Courts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

You should get an experienced and aggressive traffic defense attorney to represent you if you want to fight the ticket and have the best chance to get the charge reduced or dismissed.  What’s so special about an experienced lawyer dedicated to traffic defense?

According to “Can a Lawyer Really Beat Your Traffic Ticket?” at foxbusiness.com, “Traffic lawyers know the players, the economic directives, the ever-changing laws and the processes by which cases get resolved in their local traffic courts.”

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This means a seasoned traffic ticket lawyer can fight to get your ticket dismissed or look for an agreed disposition that minimizes the harm to you and your driving record.  So you may be better off hiring a lawyer who’s been fighting and winning traffic ticket cases since Ronald Reagan was president and Celia Cruz was appearing in Salsa than you would be with a less experienced lawyer.

So please: think about fighting that ticket instead of going with the “easy” option of just paying the fine – and the higher insurance rates that can go with it for years.  And feel free to have a look at “10 Ways to Avoid a Speeding Ticket Legally” for some tips on how to avoid speeding tickets in the first place so that you don’t need to hire a traffic ticket lawyer quite as often!

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