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Miami Ticket LawyerThe fact that you were stopped and cited only means that in someone’s opinion, you may have committed either a civil or criminal traffic violation.

If you do not defend yourself, the consequences can be very serious. You could lose your license, end up in jail, be burdened with a criminal record for the rest of your life, be forced to post a large cash bond, and face high future insurance costs.

Fortunately, right now, you stand innocent until proven guilty, and the State must prove you guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. But, there are rights you may be giving up right now – unless you do what is smart – consult Attorney Albert Quirantes “The Q” soon!

Attorney Albert Quirantes and his team of Miami criminal defense lawyers can handle your case without letting you get lost in the legal system.

There are hundreds of legal details that can mean the difference between having a permanent stain on your record, or not – whether your case is large or small – our Miami criminal defense attorneys may be able to help you. But you must contact us now to find out for yourself!

The Price Is Right

We offer economical quality legal representation and can accommodate almost any budget with flexible, budget wise payment plans. It does not cost you anything to sit face to face with an experienced attorney, discuss your case frankly and confidentially and explore all of your legal options.

Discuss your defenses and motions to dismiss with “The Q”.

On civil traffic tickets and criminal misdemeanors, we can go to court and fight your case for you without your missing work. On Felony criminal cases, we can save you from having to appear in court for arraignment and schedule hearings on a convenient date for you.

If you live out of town, we may be able to represent you by affidavit without you having to come to town for court.

Fact: The best way to fight a criminal or traffic charge is to hire a criminal defense lawyer!

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