Benefits Of Hiring A Traffic Ticket Lawyer

By December 14, 2015Traffic Tickets

By: Miami Ticket Lawyer Albert Quirantes

People who have been charged with traffic cases often fear the traumatic times that lie ahead. Well, here’s some relief from a Ticket Lawyer that’s been fighting tickets and winning for nearly three decades.  When you’re charged with a traffic case, it doesn’t mean you’ll be convicted. In Florida, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt even in civil traffic citations. However during these difficult times a traffic ticket lawyer will be of help to you. The guidance of a traffic ticket lawyer can really lessen the impact of a traffic infraction case if not eliminate it altogether.

The main purpose of a traffic ticket lawyer is to help you successfully defend the case and keep you from having to take the time and expense of appearing in a downtown courtroom at least twice, at pre-trial conference and then at trial. And fees for this service are surprisingly reasonable compared to the skyrocketing insurance rates you are likely to be paying for three to five years if you just pay the ticket and are convicted.

Benefits Of Hiring A Traffic Ticket Lawyer

What’s The Forte of a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

A traffic lawyer is a specialist in dealing with traffic cases, yet does not necessarily have to be Florida Bar Certified in any particular field. In fact, there’s no Florida Bar Board Certification for traffic ticket lawyers. However, these lawyers are able to handle thousands of ticket cases each year and thus they can better understand the merits and weaknesses of a case. The motoring public is not fully aware of the actual consequences of a simple traffic ticket case nor of the nearly 100% success rates in defending traffic infractions that firms such as our Ticket Law Center in Miami, enjoy.

This is where the importance of a good traffic ticket lawyer comes in.  You see, a traffic violations lawyer is well versed on the defenses available in each case and this can greatly reduce the impact an adjudication of guilt can have on you. You will probably end up having to pay a lesser fine or no fine at all and avoid the points which can lead to the suspension of your license by employing a traffic lawyer. The charges may be outright dismissed in court in the face of a well argued motion to exclude evidence mid trial. They may be dismissed due to a good argument at a pre-trial conference that an incorrect statute was used to accuse you or that the citation is legally defective.

Even if the case has little or no chance of being won, the best ticket lawyer can always find a way to mitigate the outcome into a success story for you.

Benefits Of Hiring A Traffic Ticket Lawyer

How Does A Traffic Ticket Lawyer Work

A traffic ticket is not a criminal offence but a civil infraction in Florida. You are entitled by the law to examine all the evidences against you prior to trial. The traffic ticket lawyer engage in a good discussion with you when you hire him to get some facts. After this, he will also order a copy of the courts file in case against you from the clerk of courts. A traffic ticket case mostly consists of the traffic ticket as well as the police officers notes and recollection. If you have gotten into an accident or a fellow driver has reported an incident that involved rash driving, there may also be an accident report and with witness statements.

Your traffic citation lawyer, upon examining these, will go deeper into the issue and will try to find the answers to several questions that will have a direct bearing on the case. These include the statute you were charged with and whether the officer used a speed measuring device or a red light camera issued the citation.

Benefits Of Hiring A Traffic Ticket Lawyer

The lawyer will be responsible for investigating whether the courts file is complete and whether the correct laws were used to cite you. The best ticket lawyers in Miami take their cases all the way to trial. That’s where you stand the best chance of winning a complete dismissal of your charges. Don’t go for the cheapest deal or the notorious “no points, no school guaranteed” ads from high volume clinics. These outfits are the low price leaders but you’ll find that they will often plead out your case at a pre-trial conference and get you “no points” and a big fat fine disguised as a “court cost” to go with it. That’s ok if the lawyer went all the way to trial and challenged the officer and his evidence, but it’s not ok in my book if it was only done at a pre-trial conference due to the low fee charged, which did not economically justify taking it all the way to trial. Now, you have a record – despite it being with no points. In law, like in life – you get what you pay for. Don’t go for the “low cost leader”, you’ll be sorry. Just read the reviews.

Traffic ticket lawyers can really help you deal with your tickets effectively and we can really help you by fighting your traffic tickets for you. Hiring a lawyer will mean that you don’t have miss work to go to court and there will be someone there at all times to fight your case. We are cost effective and proven to have helped thousands of people across the state.

Benefits Of Hiring A Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Hiring me, “the Q” and my Ticket Law Center team guarantees that you on your part will have nothing else left to do. When you hire us, you will not have to worry about attending a pretrial conference or future trial dates or court hearings. You will just relax at home and us do all the work.  

Nobody wants to get tickets on their license and nobody wants to get their license suspended. Thus, if you are serious about protecting yourself and your driving record, then hire my Ticket Law Center team. We’ll go to court for you.

Benefits Of Hiring A Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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