Past Client Gloria Vinas,

“When many doors close ,God always send you angels in you life,that change and give you a new perspective,hope and light to our journey through life a new way of seeing things,I don’t have enough words to describe what I’m grateful and happy for having met him and his firm a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE ,he is a TRUE PROFESSIONAL,RESPECTFUL ,AND LOYALTY AND GREAT MAN ,he helped me with two cases and really recommend it,Call this attorney Mr Alberto M Quirantes, you will see the difference respect and professionals..He need a Oscar’s..God bless”

Past Client Miriam Says,

“Excellent, responsive, knowledgeable, experienced, and willing to help. I thank so much Mr. Marino Quirantes!! I would recommend him to everyone.”

Past Client Joseph says,

“My relative and his wife got into a big Domestic Violence Squabble, he was charged with Felony Domestic Violence Battery by Strangulation, Battery, Burglary and an injunction was issued. He was held in jail with no bond, and was about to lose his good job at a major corporation if we did not do something quickly. I took the family to see Albert Quirantes, who I heard in a radio interview and I felt was very knowledgeable. Mr. Quirantes had a very convenient office with parking and a nice staff. He accommodated us on a Saturday.

After he heard and read the facts, he was as shocked as we were because our relative is a very mild mannered and hard working man with no prior arrests or problems, but his wife did have lots of problems and a bad temper. Mr. Quirantes took the case.

He immediately ran to the jail to see him that very Saturday. He went to work and investigated all the allegations, investigated his wife’s past, came up with inconsistencies in her version of the facts and did an emergency bond hearing. He persuaded even the State Attorney to agree to release him and no action the case that was holding him. He then fought hard over a couple of months, but obtained the dismissal of most of the case, and a minor misdemeanor resulted in what he called “diversion”, which will result in a dismissal as well. He will be able to expunge his arrest and hopefully all of his entries on the courts computers, which don’t seem fair at all. The injunction was also dismissed.

The attorney’s law firm charged a very fair fee and was always there for us when we needed them. Thank you Mr. Alberto Quirantes for a job well done!”

Past Client J.C. says,

“I did my homework and researched many of the DUI lawyers in town. I found Albert Quirantes.
Mr. Quirantes had a friendly staff, was very helpful, put me at ease, gave me all of the information I needed, was always there when I needed him, fought and won my case, cleaned my record and my license back. This was an excellent value. I highly recommend this lawyer to anyone who has a problem in the criminal defense arena. Especially in DUI and traffic cases. I am very grateful to this attorney for all the help.”

Past Client Michael says,

“This lawyer represented me on Felony Driving While License Suspended Charges. i was looking at prison time and loss of a good job Mr Quirantes found a way to vacate the convictions causing my habitual, got my license reinstated and my case dismissed. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FIRM.”

Past Client Ricardo says,

“Whenever in need of an attorney out of your daylife happenings you should consider this attorney. If your expectation is to find a competent, highly professional, hardworking – quick action attorney you found it here. But whether is that specialist also a person truly friendly, kind and considerate to clients is an unfrequent important plus you could not think about being benefited too ; again : you found it . Note the word – truly – as in an profession dealing with the public getting your sympathy is always a goal-but careful- sometimes is just a “move” to attract the client and not a real feeling as you found in the case of Dr. Quirantes where personal qualities and talent make big difference. Believe me I am talking from experience and by contracting this attorney you may be closer than ever else to the best possible resuts in your case – like I had in mine . The vast legal knowlegde, personalized consideration to you and dedication to your case are guaranteed.”

Past Client Frank says,

“Mr. Quirantes has handled 3 tickets for me in the the last year.
He beat all 3 tickects!!!
He is my HERO!!!!. I would definitely recommend MR. Quirantes”

Past Client Leon says,

“I was referred to Albert Quirantes at the Ticket Law Center by my civil attorney. I was facing serious criminal charges and asked him who could I trust. He immediately told me to go see Albert.
He personally saw me and reviewed my case. He had a strategy in sight immediately.
He implemented his plan and it worked. He got me out of the bind both in Dade and in Broward. I am very happy to have hired this lawyer and will recommend anyone I know who needs a great and honest criminal defense lawyer.”

Past Client Johnny says,

“Excellent attorney! Detailed oriented and very helpful when it comes to answering any questions. Vast knowledge in the field and superlative customer service. Extremely satisfied with their services!”

Past Client Vanesa Castillo says:


I’ll be brief because my process just begun.My name is Mss. Castillo. I went to Mr. Quirantes office on Tuesday February 13th, 2015 after driving almost the entire city. When I entered his office, I began to feel a sensation of relief after been in other different lawyer’s offices. The office is well organized and the staff and his assistant sincerely make you feel that you are in good hands. Immediately, after Mr. Quirantes was introduced by his assistance Albert, which is also very knowledgeable and a true professional, I immediately made the decision to hire him. As I’ve mentioned, my process is at the starting point, but I’m sure that God has guided me to his office.”

Past Client Michelle says:

“Slick in Court, Smooth with Judges, Extremely Competent, Nice to his Clients and VERY REASONABLE!

Albert Quirantes was superb! My friend was unfairly arrested for a Felony and accused of stealing something and pawning it. There was evidence that could have shown he was not guilty. Since my friend had a record, the cops completely ignored the defenses and arrested him.”

Past Client AymeeZubi Says:

“Meet your new best friend, Al.

Albert and I have known each other since we were children. He has always shown tremendous passion and conviction for helping others in need. Becoming an attorney has been a natural outlet for him to truly “perform his magic” by brilliantly representing the best interests of his clients.”

Past Client Patricia Says:

“Great lawyer, great law firm!”

“I had the opportunity to go to a domestic violence hearing to help my friend, a women, charged with domestic violence battery, and who’s husband took out a restrained order against her. You might it is unusual, but I saw many accused women when I went to court with my friend. She had Albert Quirantes as her criminal and restraining order lawyer. Mr. Quirantes did an excellent job at calming my friend down, he was able to question her ex-husband in a way that proved to the judge that he should not be afraid of her in anyway, and the judge dumped the injunction against her. Later, he went to court in her domestic violence case and won. All of the charges were dismissed. My friend had been so scared over nothing, because this attorney was able to clear her of any wrongdoing. The reason I am writing this is because I recently had a problem myself, and hired him to represent me. I won’t get into the details of my problem, suffice it to say that Mr. Quirantes visited the police department with me and spoke on my behalf to the officers. I did not have to say a thing, and the police decided to drop the entire problem. I highly recommend this lawyer to any one who has any kind of problem with the law. He is personable, and was a joy to deal with. The prosecutors and judges seem to get along with him very well too. I give him my highest endorsement. Patricia”

Past Client Alex Says:

“A Good Lawyer with an Excellent Personality!”

“It is difficult to think that after dealing with Albert Quirantes someone would not feel like they have made a new friend! Albert has given the term “our family attorney” a new meaning since we now feel like he is PART of our family!”

“Not only has he taken care of several traffic tickets for both me and my wife (which is only expected from such a bonafide and experienced traffic law attorney) but he has been able to provide significant help with other legal issues by either referring them to other trusted attorneys or by taking time to do the research himself!”

“It helps greatly when a trustworthy and knowledgeable staff is there to back up a good lawyer, and Quirantes sure has it! His (I believe) Office Manager, Angie, is wonderful and super knowledgeable and always lends a big hand when working cases.”

“If you have been living under a rock in Miami you may have not heard the name “Quirantes” before, everyone else knows how reputable that name is; I highly recommend you meet Albert and find out what is like to have a Lawyer-Friend!”

Past Client Joe Says:

“Albert Quirantes beat 3 tickets from the same officer for me”

“I received 3 traffic tickets from the same officer. It was a somewhat complicated issue and I put them into Albert Quirantes’ hands and he beat all three of them. For me, the victory against the officer was satisfaction enough, but the reasonable cost, avoidance of points, and the saving of my personal time were big bonuses. Albert did an excellent job and exceeded my expectations not only in beating the 3 tickets, but with his communication and his professionalism. I would highly recommend him!!!”

Past Client Robert Says:

“Excellent Service, Good Communications, Great Result”

“I was very worried about getting a DUI and how it would effect my life. I was recommended to Alberto Quirantes at the Ticket Law Center. I was treated very well. He told me what to expect and did exactly what he said he would. I got a temporary license the next day, then I my license back at the first hearing. THen it took a few court hearings and i did not have to go except to the last one. My case was dismissed with no fines or suspensions! The price I paid was reasonable but the results and the way I was treated throught this ordeal made all the difference to me in the world. Thanks guys, I will always be indebted to you!”