Think Florida has the Worst Drivers? Guess Again!

By December 9, 2015Traffic Tickets

 By: Miami Ticket Lawyer Albert Quirantes

Dave Barry has been writing hilarious columns for the Miami Herald about driving in Miami for years. He calls it the “proud home of the worst darned drivers in the world.” And whether you’re living here in Miami or in nearby Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Palm Beach, or Boca Raton, you might agree.

But a new study from a car insurance group suggests that maybe Florida isn’t so bad after all. According to this recent article from USA Today, Florida doesn’t even crack the top ten list for the worst drivers. (Montana is the worst; Florida falls all the way to #32 on the list.) The study is based on fatal crash statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which looked at the number of deaths per 100 million vehicle miles or caused by DUI, speeding, careless driving, or other causes.

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It’s not all good news for Florida drivers, though. Florida ranked #1 in the number of deaths of pedestrians or bicyclists resulting from careless driving. (It’s unclear whether something like Donte Stallworth’s accident in South Beach that killed a pedestrian would fall under the careless driving category, the DUI fatality category, or both.)

Remember, though, that the study only looked at fatalities that resulted from failure to obey traffic laws, failure to wear seat belts, driving without a license or on a suspended license, drunk driving (DUI), speeding, careless driving or reckless driving.

If you’ve been charged with any of these traffic violations, you should remember that you’re facing serious consequences even if no one was hurt as a result. Even if you put aside the fines and the hit on your driving record, don’t forget: just a single moving violation can cause your insurance premium to almost double!

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Were you arrested for DUI, DWI or drunk driving? If you just accept the penalty, then your rates can increase 93% according to an article on

Reckless driving is almost as bad. Even if no one was hurt, count on your insurance premium to increase by 82%.

That’s why it’s critical to remember that you have options if you’ve been given a traffic ticket in south Florida. Once you factor in the potential of skyrocketing insurance premiums, it can be cheaper to hire an experienced, aggressive traffic defense lawyer to fight your ticket. Some of the advantages of hiring a ticket defense attorney are that a ticketlawyer can argue motions to exclude evidence based on the laws and administrative rules governing speed measuring devices. They can push a case to trial and test the officer’s case and whether the officer even shows up in court.

Think Florida has the Worst Drivers? Guess Again!

Negotiation the name of the game in traffic court and a skilled traffic ticket lawyer can negotiate with the officer or the hearing officer or judge to get you a result that won’t dent your driving record for years and won’t cost you years of higher insurance premiums. Sometimes dismissals can be negotiated in exchange for programs, traffic schools or a combination of factors.  When you think about it, a small percentage of drivers who are ticketed even take their cases to court. Those who hire a skilled traffic violations lawyer have the advantage here.

Whatever you do, please research your options before you simply give up and pay the ticket. You could be facing consequences you can’t even imagine – until it’s time to renew your auto insurance. And by then, it’ll be too late. I’d like to help. Consider a free consultation with a lawyer who’s been defending clients just like you since the Reagan administration controlled the White House, and you’ll have a better sense of where you stand – and how to best fight the traffic ticket you’ve received. Together we can help keep Florida off the Top 10 Worst Drivers’ List for another year.

Think Florida has the Worst Drivers? Guess Again!

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