Tips and tricks for Avoiding a Miami Traffic Ticket

By December 9, 2015Traffic Tickets

By: Miami Ticketlawyer Albert Quirantes

Can crying get you out of a traffic ticket? It seems it can work wonders at times – and it’s even better if you are a male! There are genuine ways to cry and that of course includes real tears. Pretend crying never seems to work and can sometimes make the situation worse.

Of course, there is only so far that a traffic cop will go when confronted with uncontrollable tears. If you have been caught, typically driving 10 mph over the speed limit, your tears could work and you might just get a ticking off.  But don’t stretch your luck too far. If you are found to be DUI, driving well over the speed limit accompanied by an empty bottle or two of bourbon or driving the wrong way down a highway then however uncontrollable your tears are you are unlikely to get much sympathy.  That’s when you are going to be in need an experienced Miami DUI attorney to aggressively fight on your behalf.

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What about a bathroom emergency? It is a known excuse as far as traffic police are concerned, so you have to make a real song and dance of it. No more quietly crossing your legs. You could try squirming around, grabbing at your crotch and tell the officer that you ran the red light as you needed the bathroom so badly.  If the officer checks your license, keep the act up, as he will be watching you playing out the role out of the corner of his eye. You may be lucky if he recognizes the distress you are in. As long as he has nothing else more serious to pin on you and you haven’t caused an accident or left a stream of fatalities in your wake he may just let you go. If this doesn’t work, call a Miami traffic ticket attorney who will help you fight your charge.

You would need a really good excuse up your sleeve for that rare moment when you are stopped for failing to stop at a stop sign.  The “late for work” story probably won’t work, but being late for a funeral or a wedding may just sway the police officer’s emotions. You have to be convincing as police officers spend hour after hour listening to weak excuses being regurgitated from people they stop.

Simply admitting that you did run the red light and you were truly sorry can work wonders with police officers as they feel at least you understand the error of your ways by admitting to it. Of course, if it doesn’t work and you have admitted guilt even the best Florida traffic ticket attorney is unlikely to persuade the prosecution to let you off.

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Last but not least trick is an uncontrollable state of coughing, especially into your hands! Few police officers are happy to pick up your driving license if you have just thrown a coughing fit into it. Of course, if you have stopped for swerving to avoid children getting off a school bus and you were driving more than 15mph over the speed limit the police officer will be far more concerned about charging you than any coughing fit.

If you can’t avoid the ticket, don’t despair.  Albert Quirantes founded Miami’s Ticket Law Center, “The Ticket Lawyers” in 1990 after fighting and winning traffic tickets in Court since 1988.  That’s almost THREE DECADES of fighting traffic tickets.  A ticket can be won in court by experienced Ticketlawyer Albert Quirantes.  Just visit our website or call the office for a free consultation.  Our goal is to get your ticket DISMISSED!

If you have any questions about this or any other Traffic Ticket, DUI or Criminal accusation, call Miami TicketLawyer Albert Quirantes at: 305-644-1800 or visit our homepage at for a direct link to the office or a text message or a map and directions.

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