What to Do if You Got Into an Accident, Panicked and Left?

By April 25, 2016Traffic Tickets

By: Miami Ticket Lawyer Albert Quirantes

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When an accident happens the human body kicks into survival mode. The old “flight or fight” mechanisms come out, the adrenaline kicks in and sometimes people make poor decisions.  There have been fistfights at accident scenes and sometimes people panic and flee. Before you know it, you are being accused of a hit and run accident case.


Maybe you were in a bad neighborhood and your car was hit to get robbed or at least you perceived it that way. These doesn’t make you a horrible person, but it does open you up for a whopping 6 points on your driving record along with any other moving violations the cop wants to add to your case such as careless driving. The points attached to the additional infractions can add up, and a leaving the scene of an accident ticket in Florida can also result in jail time. This is why the first thing you should do when you have emotionally recovered and realize what you’ve done is to call an attorney… because you’re going to need one.

As a Miami ticket lawyer since 1988, these are not uncommon cases for me to see in my office and I do deal with them quite often. I can arrange a meeting with the police and possibly avoid your arrest, invoke your rights to remain silent, comply with the statute for you, avoid criminal charges in some cases or arrange a promise to appear (PTA) rather than a trip to the jail for you.


It is a serious offense to leave the scene of an accident.  However, there is an argument to be made that if you voluntarily turn yourself in with the assistance of your lawyer versus being caught, it shows the court remorse.  What you do not want to do is to turn yourself in alone. The police will take advantage of this and get you to confess to more than you should.

Miranda rights or not, you will invariably buckle to the pressure and give up your rights to remain silent or to have an attorney present before questioning. They’re quite persuasive if you ask me. Having an attorney present will both demonstrate remorse by showing that you volunteered, while also protect your rights against self incrimination and your eventual defense.

I have been very successful in the past with clients who have left the scene of an accident and were later sorry they did. It certainly takes some nuance and skill, but it is possible to get these cases dismissed for many legal subtleties that only a good ticket lawyer recognizes, avoid jail time, avoid high fines, and get the individual back in the driver’s seat.


The last thing anyone wants is to go to jail over is something that is a human response to a frightening situation. When you need me, I will work with you to create a positive case for the judge to hear so as to attempt to avoid a conviction of leaving the scene of an accident.

If you have been in an accident and left the scene, call me today. I can help.

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