Why Should I Hire An Attorney For A Simple Traffic Ticket In Miami?

By October 14, 2015Traffic Tickets
Miami ticket lawyer

Isn’t it easier to go to Court myself or just ‘pay it off’?

What are the possible benefits for me?

Better Results:  It is more likely that our law firm can obtain a better outcome than if you represent yourself in Court or ‘pay off’ your Ticket.  Also, our firm will provide you with all options available to you.  Some other attorney’s / law firm’s only offer the options that are easiest for them!

No Court Appearance:  We can handle most Traffic Tickets without you having to waste time appearing in Court and standing in multiple lines.

No Driving School:  We can handle most Traffic Tickets without your having to pay for and attend Safe Driving School.

Avoid Insurance Increases:  We can generally take care of your case in a way that will NOT result in an insurance increase.  If your case is not handled properly, you could see an insurance increase of 45% or more over the next 3 years.

Avoid License Points / Suspensions:  We can generally take care of your case so that you will NOT have license points or a suspension.

Flexible Payment Plans:  The Court and some other law firms only accept payment in full.  Our firm has flexible payment plans so that if needed, you can make payments over several months that fit your budget.

Over All Cost:  Hiring our law firm is often less or only slightly more than ‘paying off’ or handling your own Traffic Ticket.

Hire a Miami Traffic Ticket Attorney Today!

Upon receiving a traffic ticket in the Miami area, many drivers simply pay the fine without hesitation. The problem is that the State of Florida considers this a guilty plea, and assesses points against your Florida driver’s license which may mean that you will lose your driver’s license. Accumulation of too many points results in suspension of your driver’s license. This could also make your insurance rates go up.

The pros certainly outweigh the cons for hiring an experienced Miami traffic ticket attorney to FIGHT your traffic tickets in court.

The traffic ticket lawyer is the way to go.

Call us today at 305-644-1800 and let us put our over 25 years of traffic ticket violation experience to work for you! 

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